MyCloud can't read USB backup drives

I hope someone can give some advice, this is my third device, the other 2 were RMA’d. Sorry for the wall of text, this is an email to Customer service relating some of my problems. I’m tired of typing this out over and over again. “After a reboot yesterday, I was able to attach the Elements drive and create a successful safepoint. I was able to run an automated update last night. I received an an automated email stating the update was successful. I logged on to the user interface and had no trouble at all, I could see the Elements drive connected and the successful safepoint. To test it, I detached the drive, using the USB icon found at the top of the page. I waited an hour, and then reattached the Elements drive with the successful safepoint. It would not recognize the safepoint, it just spun and never recovered (again, I waited an hour). Today, I reset the MyCloud as instructed. I made sure it was up and running, and then attached the Elements drive with the valid safepoint and it would not recognize the drive or the safepoint. Now interestingly, using ES file explorer on my Nexus7 Tablet, I can see and use the drive. I can see the Elements drive attached. I can write to it, and stream from it. I’m not sure what that means. What won’t work are the updates to the backup drive. I have another Seagate drive that exhibits the exact same behavior. I run windows computers, windows 7 on one, 8 on the other. I have a couple of Nexus 7 Android tablets which I most often use to access the server via Chrome using the local IP address (or something like that).”

Hi aulis14, sorry to hear you have been having problems. Can you share what firmware version you have? Have you also tried doing a system only restore? 

what is this “automated update” is this a safepoint update? or a firmware update?

By automated update, I meant the scheduled safepoint update I have set to run nightly.

It’s the latest firmware version. … 02-417.

Ive done the system only reset as well as the complete reset.  This was a replace replacement drive so I tested this by moving only a couple of folders over and seeing if the problem persisted.  It did, so I tried the system only reset, and then the complete reset.


Just to update in case anyone is trying to trouble shoot the same problem.  Tech support was unable to solve the problem and are sending out another unit.  

The crazy thing is that after submitting my log file,  it worked perfectly for 4 days (I have no idea why or how) but the latest firmware update killed it again.  Very frustrating.  This will be my 4 th unit.