MyCloud Beep sound

Mycloud 4gb device started beeping non stop but no issue with accessing and using the device. The beep sound is just irritating. Appreciate if you can please help.

Beeping sound? What specific My Cloud device do you have?

Don’t think the single bay/single drive My Cloud, the subject of this subforum, has a speaker or similar that would allow for a beeping sound. Single bay My Cloud look like this:

Mine looks like this

I uploaded a video of the device while its beeping.

That is a My Cloud Home which is a completely different device with a completely different operating system. See the specific subforum for the My Cloud Home. Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to search that subforum. There are several discussions in that subforum related to beeping sounds.

My Cloud Home Devices Subforum

That’s the Internal Hard Drive making that sound … which is not good

Google “Beeping Hard Drive” and this is the info

In hard drives the beeping noise comes from the spindle motor usually being stuck with heads lying on platters. Yes, a hard drive can make beeping sounds due to electronic component failure, more often beeping is coming from the motor not being able to spin due to friction between heads (being stuck) and platters

To add to that … also, insufficient power can cause a hard drive to beep as well.

Thank you very much Joey. I will monitor and maybe check with my seller since my device is still under warranty.

if it’s under warranty, i would contact the seller immediately.

t’s faulty, plain and simple.

monitoring or attempting to use the drive will only cause more damage.

I am experiencing the same. Did u find out what the beeping sound is about?

I reached out to WD SG and they replaced my unit. So far all good