MyCloud and Windows Media Player (Windows 7)


  I’ve got some curious behavior in WMP 12 with MyCloud.

The MyCloud device shows up under “Other Libraries” in WMP.

I can select a file, drag it to the “Play to” feature,and send it to

my Samsung TV without any problem. However, if I proceed

to the “main WMP Library”, select a file, drag it to “Play to”,

WMP pauses and eventually gives the error "Failed to retrieve

media information from media server" even though the Samsung

TV is selectable. I’ve tried several fixes that are suggested on

the Internet (restarting the Windows Media Player networking service

and the UPnP service, changing sharing permissions on different

folders, etc.), but nothing seems to allow me to use the WMP “Play to”

feature successfully with my normal WMP library.

  Is this a question better directed to Windows people, or is there a

Windows Media Player expert out there that can suggest some fix?

It’s a curiosity to me, not an urgent issue!


Have you looked at the following on your computer and the Windows Media Player? See image below.


Have you used Help and Support provided on your computer? See image below.

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cat0w (USA)