MyCloud and Pioneer VSX-923 AV Receiver streaming


Bit of a newbie to this! 

I have my 2TB MyCloud setup and moved my iTunes library to to the public files. All seems ok. My iTunes in Windows 7 recoginises it and works as normal. 

I also have a Pioneer VSX-923 AV amp that I would like to stream to. The Pioneer app recognises the NAS and finds the files ok and plays them. However I chose the Pioneer because it plays Apple Lossless files without gaps but the app places the tracks in the wrong order! This irritating for stuff like Dark Side of the Moon!

Does anyone know what part of the chain has the issue please? The app, receiver or NAS?

If its the app, is anyone aware of a good iOS app that will control the streaming in the correct order please?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Check your track info.  Make sure the first track starts at 01 and not 1. 

Ah ok ta. I’ll have a look. Could take a while to go through the whole lot!