MyCloud and Myfritz (Fritzbox)

Hey there,

I’m using my MyCloud at home and in my office.
I want to create an network connection in my office to my MyCloud at home (network drive connection in windows explorer).
I wanted to use MyFritz as DynDNS Provider but I can’t creat an connection.
Can anyone help me? (Settings at my MyCloud and my Fritzbox)


Antwort auch gern in deutsch :smile:

Currently, using official WD supported methods, it is not possible to create a remote “mapped” drive connection (like one would see in Windows File Explorer). WD removed that “feature” when they upgraded the My Cloud firmware to the OS 3 firmware and revamped and renamed the site to Feel free to voice your opinion on the removal of this feature at this link.

Currently the only WD supported ways of remote access of one’s My Cloud is through the use of the portal, WD My Cloud Desktop software, WD Sync, and the two WD mobile apps available on iOS and Android.

There are various unofficial ways, to remote access a My Cloud but those methods may involve SSH, VPN or other methods not officially supported by WD. And they typically involve port forwarding through one’s broadband router/gateway to one’s My Cloud device.