MyCloud and iMovie - need help

Hi everyone, I looked through the forums but didn’t see any posts that describes the issue I’m having. 

I’m trying to free up space on my mac and I’m struggling on transferring my videos that are currently stored in iMoive.  This is what I’m currently doing and bare in my that I’m not much of a computer guy…

-Create a new share “videos” on MyCloud

-Open iMovie

-click the file and drag to “videos”

As you can see I’m not well versed on the computer but could greatly use some assistance.  Thanks in advance for any information shared.


To access  an iMovie library from a NAS, you need to store it on a volume formatted the right way. To do that, you can create a sparsebundle from your mac, store it on the share of the NAS and then mount it as a volume on your Mac.

Then you create or move the iMovie Library on that volume.

Etupdes - thanks for the reply. 

I looked at the link but I could still use some wind in my sails.  How do I create a sparsebundle from my computer and store it on MyCloud?  When you say mount it as a volume on my mac, what does that mean?  

I’m sorry for the questions but any help is greatly appreciated.


Imagine you have a share on your NAS

From your mac, launch a terminal window and type:

$ sudo hdiutil create -size 100g -type SPARSEBUNDLE -nospotlight -volname “iMovie Events” -fs “Case-sensitive Journaled HFS+” -verbose iMovieEvents.sparsebundle

This will create a “sparsebundle” file which is a special file that you can open and that becomes a volume for the OS. The volume name will be “iMovie Events”. In this case the file will be up to 100g so your share should be at least the same size. After you have created that file, you can move it to the share. After is it copied to the share, you just double click if from your mac and it will mount as a local disk, where you can copy your iMovie library.