MyCloud access restrictions


I just bought WD MyCloud 4TB with firmware 2.xx and I have some troubles with setting up private folders.
So I want one folder to be visible just for me, and not any other user.

So I went to mycloud settings and went to “Shares”. Selected my folder and turned off “Public” thing.
Then I went to user access, and I set full access to specific user.

But then I go on my PC with windows 10, on network and find that folder and when I double click it, it poops up that I need to enter username and password. Nothing works. I tried “wdmycloud\admin” for username and also just “admin”. It just won’t access it.

Any idea what I did wrong?
I just want some folder to be visible only for me and noone else in the network.

It won’t matter if you configure a Private Share for No Access for all other users, they will still see that Share listed when they access the My Cloud. However they will be prompted (as you were) to enter a user name and password to access that Private Share.

When you say nothing works, what specific error message does Windows 10 display when logging in using the Dashboard created User name and password?

Because of the way Windows generally works one cannot use more than one set of credentials when accessing a Private Share. One may have to access the Windows Credentials Manager and remove any existing credentials created to access the My Cloud Shares before attempting to use a different set of credentials.

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So there is no way to like hide this folder so noone won’t be able to see it?
I know that alternative is to create folder and then inside I make another folder and they won’t be able to see that. But just want to know if there is any way to hide primary folder :slight_smile:

I did go to windows credential and something weird was saved there. It was more like a hash if you ask me … no idea why that happened. After I deleted it and it asked me again for credentials, I just used admin and password. Works like a charm.

Officially no, there is no way to hide the Private Shares from those who’s permission is set to No Access. This has been complained about once or twice in the past in other threads. Everyone who can access the My Cloud will see the Private Shares but without having a User name configured for Read Only or Full Access they will be prevented from seeing the contents of that Private Share.

Here are some past threads where the subject of hiding a Share has been discussed:

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