Feature Request: Hide Share in Explorer

Hi folks,
I need to have a private share on one of my MyClouds that do not show up in Windows Explorer when browsing the available shares. This can easily be achieved when opening the file /etc/samba/overall_share. Add the browsable = no parameter to the share that should be hidden and that’s it. However, when updating the share structure in the My Cloud web interface, this change is overwritten. Thus, I request to embed a checkbox in the GUI that allows a share being set to “hidden” using the browsable = no flag.
Where is the best place to file such a request?


In the Cloud Ideas subforum:


Note however that making a Share hidden may affect ALL users unless there was code implemented to only hide it for certain users. One possible solution is to have the Private Share hidden to any User who has their User Access marked as No Access for that Private Share.