MyCloud 4TB with 2x 2.5" 4TB USB &1 backup job - how to change names of USB drives

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I sent a request to Wd Support, but have yet to get any feedback… Case number is 032717-11913473. , this was send Mon 27th March.

I have 1x 3.5" MyCloud 4TB white NAS. This stays onsite.
1x 2.5" 4TB Wd Elements. This is brought onsite every Mon, Wed, Fri.
1x 2.5" 4TB Wd Passport Red drive. This is brought onsite every Tue & Thursday.

Under “USB” :
The Elements shows up as - “elements 25A2-1”
The Passport shows up as - “My.Passport.25E2-1”.

I want to create 1 backup job, which is set to Auto Backup when the USB is plugged in BUT with each device having a different name, I have to have separate backup jobs.

Where can I change the devices names so the NAs will think that its the same drive \ folder structure?


What program are you using for your backups? What generation of My Cloud do you have?
Here is a link to more information on My Cloud and the User Manuals.

Have you tried plugging the USB drives nto a PC and looking at their properties there ,see if the device name is available for editing?

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