MyCloud 3TB keeps disappearing

I have a MyCloud 3TB that’s been great. However, in the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that my shares just “disappear” from my desktop (OS X) every so often. I’m constantly “opening” the shares throughout the day, which is very frustrating. I used to be able to put my laptop to sleep, then wake it up the next morning, and the shares would be already open. Sometimes, as I’m importing files (I’m a photographer) from a CF card into a Lightroom share volume, the MyCloud will decide it’s had enough.

Router seems fine, Ethernet switch seems fine, cable modem ditto. I’ve done a factory restore, rebooted, etc., but nothing seems to fix it.

Have you tried disabling the sleep timer, setting a static IP configuration, and manually mapping shares using AFP or CIFS?

I haven’t! I’ll look into all those. Manually mapping shares might be above my pay grade, but I’ll use the google. Thank you.

Andy McRory, AIAP

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P23 of the user manual for mapping drives. It’s pretty simple.