MyCloud 3TB behaving badly with new computer?

I’ve had a 3TB for a few months now (have the latest firmware) and it’s been great. I only use it for my Lightroom catalog, so I hit it when I’m editing photos. No problems with my 13" MBPro. The MC is connected to an Ethernet switch, which is cat6 connected to a Motorola surfboard cable modem/router.

This week I bought a 15" MBPro. Configured exactly the same as my 13", same apps, same network, same everything. But now, during editing sessions, the MC just disappears. If I reboot the router, it comes back, or if I open the MC on my desktop and then go back into LR. Very frustrating.


Are you connecting to the NAS through AFP or SMB? If you change the network protocol, does it make any difference?

Talk to me like I’m 5 :slight_smile:

Some more info - my DVD player (Sony) has no problem seeing (and playing from) the MyCloud. However, it is hardwired to it via the ethernet switcher.

Is the 15" Pro connected wirelessly?

Yes, it’s on my wireless network.

And when you connect it through Ethernet, it works, right?

Yes - Ethernet is solid.

UPDATE: After a frustrating day of *not* editing photos and spinning beachballs, I shut everything down, “ejected” the MyCloud, reset my router/modem, unplugged everything from the Ethernet switch, and then started up again. I went into the MyCloud utility (OSX), changed the device’s name, and re-logged in on my new laptop (15" MBPro - connected via wifi). Everything has been working flawlessly since yesterday (Tuesday).