MyCloud 2TB connectionproblems

Hi, i use the Cloud with a Mac and a PC. Since a couple of days i have a problem.

MyCloud and Router are up to date (firmware). I use a Telekomrouter Speedport (w723 Typ B).

When i turn the Cloud on, i have after the boot a few minutes a connection to the Cloud and the Dashboard and i can see the cloud at the routersoftware as connectet and active. But after these few minutes the cloud disconnect from the router.On direkt LAN the connection did not lost for hours. The StatusLED is blue after the reboot and still stay blue after the disconnection.
I try the static and the dynamic IP. I have tryed the long (40 sec.) and the short (4 sec.) reset. Can anybody help me?

Welcome to the Community.

If you have tried static and dynamic IP configurations and direct connections, then the next step is testing another router or port in your router as well as disabling any sleep timer.