MyBookWorld Edition with Windows 8

My laptop was stolen so I have bought a new one and am trying to restore my backed up data to my new pc.  The new machine comes with Windows 8 pre-installed.  I downloaded WD Anywhere Backup but it doesn’t run under Windows 8.  Other posts on this board have suggested trying to run “C:\Program Files (x86)\WD\WD Anywhere Backup\MemeoBackup.exe” directly but I have the same problem.  I have tried to run it in compatabily mode as administrator under Windows 7, Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista SP2 but I always get the same message “WD Anywhere Backup cannot be run under this version of Windows”.  What can I do to get access to my data?  I tried looking in the folder heirarchy of MyBookWorld and could see all of my folders so I hoped I could just copy the folders manually.  Unfortunately the folders don’t seem to contain any files (or at least the files don’t show up in Windows Explorer). Thanks in advance for the help! 

Actually, if i display hidden files, I can see my backed up files but they all have an extra file extension .dcm and they’re very small files (i.e. don’t look like the contain the full file data).

I have heard from the Support folks and they told me the incompatibility with Windows 8 is not something that can be overcome.  I am going to try to borrow a friends PC with Windows 7 and restore the files on the WD drive to his PC.  Then, I can get a non-WD external drive and transfer the files to my new Windows 8 PC.  WD’s lack of support for Windows 8 seems to be a way of telling their customers (former) to be sure to buy their drives more often so we won’t be out of date.