MyBookLiveDuo Event title:Drive SMART failure Code 0003

I received this notice and the drive shows healthy in WD Quick view in the Windows System Tray. I do have a flashing Green Light on the front and a flashing Red Drive Icon on the drive dashboard. Is something evil about to happen? There are 2 drives, in a Raid, 6TB so 3TBs of storage. I am running the Short Diagnostics Test, it reaches 90% and it taking a long time to complete. Is this normal? I have not run the long test (yet). How do I tell which drive may be defective or is it possible the hardware in the base unit itself is in trouble?

Please let me know how to troubleshoot.

Updated information: I closed the Short Test at 90% and holding. I rebooted the drive and the Light on Front of the Drive is now solid green. The Icon on the Dashboard was Green, I began the Full Test and I am at 10% and holding after 30 minutes and the Icon on the Dashboard is now flashing red. I assume I am in for some failure but so far, I do not know how to tell if it is the Physical A Drive, B Drive or the unit it self.
Any and all help will be appreciated. The Full test continues to run at 10%.