MYBOOKLIVE Won't connect over internet on Windows PC

OK so I have a 2TB MYBOOKLIVE, it’s a wired connection to my router.
The firmware is up to date and the accounts are set up right.

-I can access the UI to make changes
-I can access the folders and files via Explorer, and/or Chrome on the LAN using the \IP address or \MYBOOKLIVE
-I can access the folders and files over the internet on my android tablet using the “My Cloud” app

-I cannot access the folders and files over the internet with a windows PC/browser. When I log in to it wont show connected. The UI of the device suggests everything is good.

Any ideas? I get this when I log in to wd2go:

If I hit “accept security certificate” i get:

In the details it contains this error message:

If I copy the mybooklive address out of the error and paste it to the browser I get connected to my router…

I’d recommend manually changing remote access settings to ensure your unit is using ports that are open in your router and not blocked by your ISP. I’d also recommend trying with a different Internet Browser.

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Different browser/computer didnt work, still wont remote access from any browser on any windows PC. Android remote access working fine though. Whats the difference in the access protocols? Why is Android OK but Windoes not?

Moved whole setup to a different house, same router as mine. Same issue. WAN Android remote connection fine, LAN fine, cant connect on the internet from windows PC.


I have the same problem wether using IE, Firefox or Chrome. My Cloud does not seem to find MyBook…
Can someone help, please… please…?