MyBookLive + Wi-Fi Router + MacBook Air = Slow transfer speed ?!


I’ve just bought my MyBook Live some weeks ago. It works perfectly with wired networks but my most used computer is my MacBook Air which can uses only the Wireless Network.

My problem is that, the transfer speed between my MacBook Air and my MyBook Live is so slow (as you can see on the picture below).

Can I make it faster somehow?



Screen Shot 2012-09-15 at 09.46.11.PNG

Try not to copy so many files at the same time, the transfer rate that I get in my case with a gigabit router is between 15-25 MB per second.

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It is not better if I copy one file only.

I have to wait an hour after every click in iPhoto if I use the iPhoto Library which is on my MyBook. If I want to watch movie on my MacBook it will be very laggy. :confused: