MyBookLive - undeletable File / missing space


My Backuptool (Acronis 2011) was interrupted several times while saving to the NAS. The begun file (up to 30GB) remains on the NAS and it is not possible to delete. No tools could help here.

Therefore I removed the whole directory by the MaBookLive. Unfortunately I had to state that these memory appears somehow lost.

It concerns totally approx. 100GB.

 Example: of 0,9TB 0,6TB should be occupied, thus 0,3TB are free.

According to the UI there are however the following directorys (example):

Dir A: 0,2TB

Dir B: 0,2TB
Dir C: 0,1TB

Thus actually only 0,5TB are occupied. Is it somehow possible to release that missing space?

Thank you!

a reboot fixed this problem.