MyBookLive Smartware issue

I’m using a 2TB MBL to backup my apple machines with TimeMachine.  I also have a business PC running XP and want to back it up on the same MBL, but I can’t seem to get SmartWare to connect wirelessly to the MBL.  I can reach the MBL thru the browser and able to map to it on my PC.  The problem is the backup and restore tab on SmartWare is grayed out and not functional, therefore I’m not able to initiate a backup.  I have updated to 1.6 smartware and MBL tells me I have the latest firmware… Any help in resolving this would be helpful.  BTW… the Discovery during setup doesn’t not find the MBL either.

From the Smartware Home tab, check if you have the my book live icon and click on it to make the backup and retrieve tabs accessible.

Nope… there is only my PC showing up on the Home tab.  :confounded:

on that xp machine, what happens when you type http://mybooklive/ui into the browser?  IF you can get to the dashboard by thyping the name like that, smartware should see your drive.

I have the same issue MyBook Live with Smartware.

Support tells me that SmartWare does not work with network drive, or is it with wireless drive (with is that software include with it ?).

When I read there WEB site ''WD SmartWare Windows

It’s more powerful - You can now back up your important files to your new My Book Live home network drive. WD SmartWare 1.5 will allow you to automatically back up your important files to your My Passport or My Book external hard drive or your new My Book Live home network drive.’’

Why is it not working ?

I have the same issue. I can see my drive and access them on my PC but no Backup and Restore tab.

I was told that network drive were not supported, do you have a different answer ?


Smartware does support the My Book Live. If Smartware does not detect the drive, then there are issues in your networking. Smartware uses technologies called uPnP to detect the device. If this is not enabled on your network (typically it is on by default in your router, but I would check that) then it won’t be detected. You may also want to check your Antivirus and Firewall software. Those types of programs can shut down all ports on your computer - which makes it impossible to detect the drive.

I have the very same issue using xp pro.  My Windows 7 machine works fine.  I have changed all the settings that I can find.  I can manually write to the MybookLive but Smartware WILL NOT see it (on the xp machine).

I  have seen many posts on this issue but none of them are showing resolved. 

I too am having the problem where SmartWare does not show the MBL on the Home screen.   I can surf into the MBL web server and the MBL shows up in My Network Places.  I’m using XP SP3.   I just installed a freshly downloaded copy of SmartWare (ver 1.6.4) and I just updated the firmware in the MBL (MyBookLive 01.05.07) (in that order).  Does anyone have any recommendations?

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to contribute to this thread as I had the issue myself.  I’m running Windows Vista. My MBL and Smartware are the last version available as of today. I tried disabling firewalls and antivirus with no success.

My solution was to start 2 services in Windows. SSDP and uPnP.

Hope this can help someone.


Hello Dwell,

Just to make sure, are you using a wireless MyBookLive ?

And when you start, do you have the Backup section and the restore section available ?



Same issue - MBL detected, visible and accessible in Windows explorer (i.e. in My Computer, etc), UI page ( works ok, but MBL icon not shown in SmartWare. I saw it actually work twice so far, second time long enough to start a backup - and it vanished. Host runs Win 7 Pro. SSDP and uPnP services running. Router has uPnP enabled. MBL connected Eth to router, everything else (including host where SmartWare runs) is on 802.11n WiFi.

If there was a way of identifying what are the ‘don’t display MBL icon’ conditions, it would help tremendously in troubleshooting this issue. It seems obvious that SmartWare does not use the same net discovery scheme as Windows, since Win 7 sees the net drive, but not SmartWare. Kinda sad - the drive mfgr’s software cannot see the drive, while Windows can…

i think smartware looks for the URL name http://mybooklive and so forth.  Next time smartware doesn’t see the drive, launch your browser and go to http://mybooklive/UI and see if it resolves to the drive’s IP.  You might think about reserving a single IP for the drive.

As soon as I started the SSDP service in Windows 7, the Backup and Restore menu appeared. u know if everything works soon. Bernard