Mybooklive showing under Network/storage but not showing under My computer?


Previously Mybooklive would show both under network/storage and under My computer.

I can go to device webpage but I am unable to browse to folders on the drive.

I am running static IP. 

All this happened after the last update by WD few months ago.

The device shows up in device manager just fine.

I can go to dashboard and look at all the users and shares etc.

The quickview also shows the temp and device usage

but when I try to open a folder using smartware or windows browsers it doesn’t do it.

Trying to map the device takes me to Windows security pop up window asking for User ID and Pass which I am obviously puting in correctly.

The network software is poorly written by WD, I’ve previouly used an USB HDD attached to my router through USB work for year without problem.

Any help is appreciated, I seriouly don’t want to format the whole drive and start over again.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Whatever you do, dont do " format the whole drive and start over again."

This is a NAS, not a USB had drive. You can however reset to factory settings via the dashboard.