MyBookLive network drive no longer available through home network after FW update

After the firmware update of a couple of days ago, I can  no longer access my MyBookLive network drive from my TV, through the home network.  All it says is “no contents shared”.

When I look via my pc, I can still see all of my pics, movies via windows explorer on the drive.

Hoping someone can help me out ?


Absolutely the same issue here. Through a WD TV Live, under Video-Media Players, its shows “no content Shared”, but all files show if I back up and go in through Network Share instead of Media Player. This compounds the problem using the Yamaha AV iPad App as no music content shows as Media Player (Twonky Server) is the only thing picked up under the PC option as input. Trying a rescan and rebuild to see if it solves it. Will report back if it does. Any solutions offered??

Got the solution : got to http://mybooklive:9000

Then go to the wrench symbol > advanced setup > Media Receivers

There you can click on “reset list”, wich rescans al the DLNA client in you network.

Now you should see the “pics, movies, …;” again on your TV.

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Cheers Frank72. This may well be the solution. After I posted, whilst waiting for replies, I reset the media receivers (although none were set to be blocked on the list) and did both a rescan and a rebuild of media on the Twonky server. Checked on each media player and Yamaha AV iPad app and all media now showing. It also resolved scrambled naming of certain folder in the video section, so that leads me to believe that the rescan/rebuild did something positive as well as the media receiver reset. Hope it helps.