Mybooklive how do i locate remotely

Can someone kindly help this ole gal.  Im pretty savvy with my lap top and have recently purchased mybooklive and pleased that i now have all of my photos, docs and relevant info and allsorts of folders removed from my laptop to the nas drive.  I thought I had set it up properly as I can locate easily at home,  but have missed something somewhere I’m on bt broadband infinity. I thought I could locate this mybooklive away from home and that I had some sort of access via ip add.  Obviously I have not set up properly and I am looking for a kind person to guide me (like you were teaching a child please) on how to remotely access my folders and files stored in mybooklive.

Or maybe I have misread the info and I am not able to do this, any information will be gratefully recieved.

To access the my book live remotely you need to setup your wd2go account.