MyBookLive Error 31652 & 31655 generate mobile access code

first i encounter error 31652, after that i do full restore, it takes few hours :confounded:

then when i try to get access code for mobile access again, it show error 31655 (Error generating code for your mobile device: You don’t have permission to access a resource. Please try again.)

… try another quick restore, SAME ERROR

whats wrong with WD, i try to search and there are quite a number of peoples enconter this ERROR.

  1. I am using latest firmware for MyBookLive

  2. I have reset my router and modem and try again, still SAME error 31655

before using the latest firmware, it is ok

It might be this wd2go website outage - major pain in the ___!

Same Problem here. :frowning:

Hi Guy, please refer to the following thread to continue with your conversation.