MyBookLive cratered during FW update

Extremely disappointed with this product.  Had purchased 3, returned 2, third one cratered during FW update.  Now, it won’t boot at all - yet I can ping the device.  This same device has gone off in to the weeds before and was lucky enough to bring ot back by restarting several times over a few days - it suddenly came back for unknown reasons.  It ran for a year and when i went into one day, the WD software told me I had to update the unit before I could log into it.  That’s where the wheels fell off.

Is there a way to restart the FW update or do I just bin it?

As a result of my frustrations with this device, I have determined it is not a very reliable device and with that, is totally unsuitable for anything other than  a best effort storage device.  Very disappointing for sure.  I have bought a QNAP TS-469 now and so far it’s been reliable - plus it has RAID which is cool. Obviuos price differnce but the MyBookLive shouldn’t be peddled as a reliable device if it clearly is not.  IMHO, clearly not reliable.


Have tried going back to the previews firmware and trying that again?

I would if I could.  Just going to take the drive out stick it in an enclosure and bin the rest.  WD NAS drive products are  absolute [Deleted] and total WOT.  Never buying a WD product again.