MyBookLive cannot access

Hi everybody,

I’m going throught some trouble with MLB. For two days ago i cannot acces to dashboard: i can acces to the page http://ipaddress/ui/login and set the good password. The next page loading and I return to the login page. I was able to access to the disk via ftp and with my tv.

Today i try to turn the power off and return it on. I also try to disconnect the ethernet cable. But when it restart, the led came blue and after staying yellow. I cannot acces to the MLB via my tv or ftp like before. And i still not able to log and access to dashboard, i have the same issue…

The last thing I try is to reset the MLB but didn’t work…

Please, can somebody help me? 

In order for you to access the My Book Live dashboard the front led must be Green, if you have already tried resetting and power cycling the unit and the problem continues, it might be faulty. I recommend you to contact support directly.