MybookLive backup issue

I have a 2TB MBL and two Macbooks.  One of my Macbooks backs up just fine, but the other gets an error message saying backup failes due to the sparsebundle file is already in use.  don’t understand how that can be, the Macbook used to backup just fine but has recently been getting this error message.  Any suggestions on how to correct the issue is appreciated.

Are you using time machine to back up? If yes create two different folder for the back up, because time machine will create the same folder for the back up and since your using 2 comp it will be confused since they will create the same folder with the same name.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes I’m using time machine for backing up, sorry I failed to mention that. I have looked at the backup folder on the drive and their are two separate files already. One is “Kelly’s MacBook.sparsebundle” and the other is “Patti’s MacBook.sparsebundle”. The Patti file is the one I’m having trouble with not being found or already in use. Should I copy the file to another drive and delete the one on the MBL and reinstate TM on her MacBook so it creates a new sparsebundle?

You can do that just make sure that you still have all the files in youe comp. Also try to stop kelly’s back up and try to check if patty’s back up will push through or not, just to isolate the issue that the 2 comp is using a single folder fot back up.