MybookLive and Ubuntu

Hello. Sorry if this has been asked, I did a quick search, but I could not see anything really relevant.

I have a Ubuntu server running apachi2, so while I am away from home, I can FTP, VPN and display webpages.

I also have a 3TB MyBookLive. When the MyBookLive is running, I can not access my Ubuntu Webpages.

1, I would like to use them both together, is that at all possible,


2, Could I just connect the MyBookLive to my Ubuntu and use my ubuntu to access MyBookLive?


3, Could anybody suggest another alternative please?

Many thanks


 When the MyBookLive is running, I can not access my Ubuntu Webpages.

What does that mean?  You have apache running on your Ubuntu server, but when the MBL is running, what happens?


Sorry, what happens is this.

My Ubuntu is at running Apachi2

My WD MyBookLive is at

I can access each using those address’s

When I do enter in the address bar it changes to and myBookLive appears.

If I am away from the house and use my dyndns address, while my WD MyBookLive is turned on, there seems to be a conflict.

As if I enter the address in the addres bar changes to

Now, If I turn off my WD MyBookLive and enter my Ubuntu index page shows up!

So, its conflicting somehow and must want to use port 80 as default

I would assume, then, that UPnP on your router is not working correctly.

If you assign port 80 manually to forward to your UBUNTU server, then your Router should NOT start forwarding to the MBL.

The MBL is using UPnP to configure its port forwarding automatically, and it sounds like your router is causing its own conflicts.


I reset my router and it all works again