MyBookLive and Mavericks — Can't open or copy my files

This is an URGENT issue that is preventing me from doing my work.

I’ve updated my MacBook Pro to OS X Mavericks — with caution, after reading troubleshooting reports carefully, and with the October 2013 firmware working fine since it appeared.

I can’t open, move or even copy any of my work files. I’ve wasted the morning on this.

Connecting to the MBL as either guest or as my main user account lets me see the files. Attempting to copy them gives this error message:

The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -41).

Attempting to open an InDesign file gives this error:

The file is already open by another user or another application. This file may be stored on a network server and cannot be opened until the other user closes it.

There is no other user. The network consists only of my freshly restarted Mac and the MyBookLive. This error message suggests a permissions error — how do I fix it?

Trying to access the files using fails, because WD has left this system dependent on incompatible versions of Java I cannot install.

Please reply with suggestions. I am missing a deadline right now.

(I’m so tired of having problems with this drive. If it isn’t access, it’s speed. If it isn’t speed, it’s permissions. If it isn’t permissions, it’s incompatibility — for example, right now with Java. It’s one of the worst tech purchases I’ve ever made.)

I was able to use my iPhone and the My Cloud iOS app to access a small number of urgently needed files. I found them on the phone and used the app to e-mail them to myself.

This is not a solution in any way, shape or form. Looking forward to something that is. Thanks!