MyBookLive 2tb making weird noise and not accessible

Ok so i bought it a few weeks ago and have been transfering data onto it and using it through my devices without a problem. Then today i come home from work and it has a red light and is making a continual noise that it has never made before. I instantly check all cords to ensure nothin has disconected, nothing had, so i check if i can access it via pc and xbox. Both failed, i turned off all equipment, my router, pc, mybooklive and xbox at the power and leave for ten mins. When turned back on the light is blue with an intermittant orange flash, the noise continues, and i cannot access from any device. I have tried leaving off again and re-adjusting connections to no avail. This is still brand new and at the time it broke/??, i wasnt transfering anything or even accessing it from my phone. Im pretty dissapointed that i hadnt got time to back up my data on it as i had heaps more to add, so i hope someone can please help in anyway at all! I havent called tech support yet but i may just have to!!

Thanks in advance from Australia

Try connecting its power adapter to another outlet, directly to the wall.  You may also reset it by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.  If you still hear the noise there is no much hope, you may take it back or contact WD for a replacement.