Mybooklive 2TB files deleted

Hi yesterday while moving files I accidentally deleted some. I have checked my computer recycle bin and they’re not there. I have used a recovery app and they didn’t come back as I couldn’t select the network drive they were on (it wasn’t an available option).

My external drive is accessed via my wifi router so there’s no USB connection option.

Is it possible to get the files back?

Where do they go?

Please help


Microsoft Windows will only use the Recycle Bin for local files, and will not create a “cache” of files deleted from the network. You will need a specialized Data Recovery application designed for Network locations and disk drives formatted as EXT3. A Professional Data Recovery company or technician should be of assistance.

Many thanks for your response much appreciated. Fortunately, I can recreate the files it’ll just take a while. Perhaps I should have read up on external drives before using one for my business! Wifi is rubbish where I’m based so can’t always find the network. Yesterday I certainly didn’t ask for anything to be deleted but there seemed to be lagging when moving files and then brrrrrpppppp 780 files deleted lol

Ho hum … I will read up on the use and keep it just as a back up medium rather than my work horse.

Thanks again

Any information/data which is valuable to you, keep backups, regardless of the media (cheap vs expensive, brand name vs unknown, etc). All electronics, hard drive, etc, will die sooner or later.

Here is some simple reading in regards to backups, I like to provide this link since some people look at redundancy as backup, which is not.