MyBookDuo doesn't show up after computer forced switch off

Hi! I’m a professional video editor, I’ve been working on a 1,6tb project on Adobe Premiere on my iMac. I had the program the entire day opened and at the end of the day, when closing the project, the entire system collapsed and I had to switch down the iMac by force. When restarting the computer my drive is not recognised by the Mac.

Then I have to plug it in on a Windows computer to let it fix it and connect it again to the iMac. It’s the second time in a month that has happened to me (both after having to switch off the computer by force).

I know it’s not good to have Adobe Premiere the entire day opened with such a massive project, and that it’s good to restart the computer through the day.

So, it’s my fault for not using properly the hard drive? Or should I send the 12tb hard drive back as it just has 3 weeks. I had to return a MyPassport 4tb for the same problem (not only when switching forced the computer) that happened continuously with both my iMac and Macbook Pro, I even lost some files.

P.D. That hasn’t happened in any other drive that I had at the same time connected.