MyBook World New MAC user

Hi All,

I have a few questions if anyone can help, here is my deal.

I was a windows user and had all my photo’s, films and music files on a my book world.

I brought a Mac Book Pro as windows machine died and I have had enough of windows.

Anyway my question is not a partition the mybook and format for Mac without losing all my content? So I can use time machine!

Also can I use time machine wirelessly i.e. mybook is plugged into my router? I can see it as a shard drive on Mac.

Any help would be appreciated.




Your MyBook World which has been used with windows machine.

It must have been formatted with NTFS file system or FAT32.

Time machine can only write to Apple files system.

It needed to be formatted from the Mac computer.

So, you need to save all of your data from MyBook World drive to a safe place,

Either in your new Mac computer or get a new external drive, format with mac file  system,

Copy all files there.

Yes, you can share the storage over the network.

Either wired or wireless. 

but, you need some knowledge to do that.

I am sorry that I do not know much about the networking to share with you.

Someone from this forum might be?