MyBook World II (white light) not showing files on second drive in RAID1

I have a MyBook World II (white light) configured as RAID 1 (mirror) .  Running Windows XP, I can see the files stored on the first drive in Windows Explorer, but the second drive shows no files.  Properties for both drives shows the same consumed capacity. 

Is this normal? 

If so, how would I retrieve anything from the second drive if the first drive fails?

Thanks very much.

Hi there, are you SURE the drive is on RAID 1 instead of JBOD?

You see, when you’re on RAID 1 then you’ll only see the MBW as 1 drive no matter that you do, and when you copy soemthing to the drive you see it is actually copying the files to the 2 drives at once like they are one.

On the other hand, if you have the drive as JBOD then the 2 drives will show up in Windows explorer.

If I were you then I’d check on the web manager and make sure it is set to mirror, if you can see the 2 drives even if it says RAID 1 the reduild the RAID. What you see is NOT normal.

Under “Volumes and RAID Management” in the setup utility (through the browser), it says Type: Mirror.  Under the “Manage RAID” tab, “Mirror” is selected as the RAID Configuration.  There is a selection for JBOD, but it is not selected.  In Windows, the device shows up as two drives, which the installation utility named “Public” and “Download”.

I’m not sure how to get this set up correctly.

Thanks again for your help.

Ok ok ok!!! :smiley:

Dude, those are not the 2 drives, just the 2 basic shares.

Public if to store data and share it, and downloads ONLY works when you are using the torrent client on the MBW.

Both shares are present weather you use Span, Stripe or Mirror, so all is good as they are both part of the firmware of the drive :slight_smile:

I thought you were looking at the drives on Windows explorer as “Data Volume” (With Public and Downloads inside) and “Extended Volume” (Empty), which is JBOD.

All is good :slight_smile:

OK, thanks for the info.  How would I retrieve data from the second disk if the first one breaks?

Thanks again.