MyBook World Edition II 2 x 2TB - Can you clone individual drives?


I have MyBook World Edition II (white) with 2 HDD, 2TB each. I have been using it as a file server, running 24/7, since 2010. I had recently problems with the device itself (I hope the disks are fine). MBW stopped responding (both http and ssh). I restarted it and everything was fine again. After some days (a week or so) - the same problem.

Can you take one of the drives out of the box and back up data on it using Norton Ghost or a similar tool? (I used the disks in MBW separately - as 2 disks with 2TB each, no RAID no STRIP.) I have thousands of files on them and backing them up over network shared drives is too slow.

Thank you for any advice

Pavel F.

Those drives are formatted ext-3 for linux not sure if you will be able to do that unless you have a linux OS, you might be able to do so.

Hi ragdexx, thanks for your reply.

However, I’m not sure about this because when I connect to the device over ssh it tells me the disks have the xfs file system.

to my understanding .xfs is also part of linux file systems.