Mybook world edition (blue rings) not responding

I have a WD 500GB World edition external HDD and last week soemtime we had a quick power outage for about ten minutes. When everything came back on my HDD would not respond to the network, so I rebooted it and it seemed to be ok. Everytime I went into my computer it came up and showed working. I could click on it once and get into the drive but when i started to make any file changes it always came back and said “drive not accessible”. I have completely reset the drive and I had it working last night where I could access it, now I cant even do that. I tried to upgrade the firmware last night, and from the way it downloaded and said it was applying the new firmware I figured it went ok, but now I cant even get it to respond just the outer ring on the front will light up in full then the top quarter only will stay lit and then eventually go out. It does this all around the whole ring so basically only four times till it repeats its cycle. It has done this for hours now and I cant seem to be able to get it out of whatever funk it is in. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and yes I have tried to troubleshoot it off the website but too no avail.

I started having a very similar issue this morning.  I will be connected and everything works fine, but if I start to transfer files, it loses connection to the drive.  As of about 10 mins ago, I can no longer even get the blue rights to light up.  I hope someone can help with this because we are dead in the water and have so much on this drive that is irreplaceable!

I have not done the firmware update lately.

Hate to admit it… but I am in the same boat.  There are numerous posts about booting your machine in Linux, and mounting the drive as an internal drive and copying your files from the *dismounted* Blue Ring drive (as an internal), to a similar or larger drive. 

linux boot disks, not hard to find, etc.

However, remember that the file format is not Window standard.  If you try to mount the drive (internally) on a windows machine, you will wipe your drive and lose all your data.  Follow the instructions carefully…

Oh, and buy a backup drive.  (which I will be doing tomorrow).