MyBook World edition (Blue ring) no one can log onto shared forders

1 TB MY book WE (blue rings) has been setup as a local network drive with mionet/wdantwqhere disabled per wd KB article 1531  “Using a WD My Book World (blue rings) hard drive without using MioNet”

I can see the drive and the 2 folders I have on it.  I have created one user and gave that ID full rights. I have se the “everyones” minimum permissions to no access.

When try to access the drive / flolders , I get prompted for a logon , and n othng works. Not the default admin , the user I created ,nothing.  The oinly way I can see and access the folders is to set the minimum permissions for “everyone” to full access.

Help! this makes it usaeless as a secured backup device.

I am also having this problem…

Created Users and Folders but no one can access their folders?  WHy is this happening?