Mybook World Edition 500Mb looses network connection

My harddisc WD My BookWorld Edition had no issues for 3 years being connected to my router D-link DIR-655.

A new router (Experiabox from Dutch provider KPN) gives serious issues. An initial connection was fine but after about 30s the network connection was lost. Reconnecting does not work. Loging into the router and trying to add the MAC address manually does not help. Sometimes a reboot helps to get a 30s connection again. I though there could be a difference in dynamic and static DHCP but do not know how to manipulate. Also connection the WD directly to my laptop does not regain a secure connection.

 I do not know what steps I need to take to investigate my issue. Can somebody help, please?



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Hello, did you tried pressing the reset button on the back of the MBW? Also check if any firewalls are blocking the packages.

Hello, thanks for your answer but the reset has no effect. Only when I switch of the MBWbut disconnection the powercable and start the MBW again I get about 30s to 1 min of connection and then the network connection is lost again. Trying to reconnect the MBW has no effect. Do you have any more clues what to try?

Thanks, Vincent