MyBook World disconnecting from network

I have a 1TB network drive (blue ring) that had been working fine until a couple of days ago, when it started disappearing from my LAN. I was able to get it back by shutting it down, then powering back up again. Until today, when, after working fine all day, it disappeared again. When I tried to recycle, however, it failed to come back to life (no lights in the ring).

That was 45 minutes ago, during which time I’ve been trying to find some info on what might be wrong. As I was starting to write this message, it came back to life (alternating between solid and rotating blue rings - altho it has been stuck on a solid ring for the past few minutes), but it still isn’t showing up on the network.

I have most of it backed up, but not the most recent stuff in the last 48 hours - which is rather important.

And raises a second question: I was told when I bought it I could just plug an identical drive into the USB port and set it up to automatically back up the original drive. So I bought a second drive - only to discover the original drive only sees it as more memory, with no way to use it to back up existing content. Nor can I find any backup software that seems to work on a network drive. The suggestion to just take it off the net and plug it into one of my computers may be necessary to recover the data, but rather defeats the purpose of a network drive for everyday use.

Anyone have any answers to either of these problems?


Are you sure that you connect the correct power supply to the drive?  Is the drive oriented upright or horizontally?  The drive may overheat when placed horizontally.  Also, WD bundled three power supplies with the MyBook World:

Single Drive: APD DA-36G12, APD DA-36J12, APD DA-48M12

Dual Drive (MyBook World II): APD DA-48M12

You can copy/paste the data between the MyBook World and your USB drive.  The MyBook itself has no internal way to copy data automatically between both drives, however.  Even the newer generation “white light” drive lacks that capability.  Nonetheless, WD doesn’t have backup software that has the capability to copy the contents of one network drive to another so you’ll need to use the Windows backup utility or something else.