MyBook World backup

How can I backup my network drive to a My Book essential external drive that is plugged into the World through the USB connection?


MBW is intended to be used as a network or NAS drive, so normally you connect it to you router which will in turn be connected to the rest of your PC’s or laptops on your network. Data on your PC or Laptop is then backed up to your MBW - this relies on the underlying operating system on your networked PC’s, Windows or Mac, a standalone network drive will not normally have any operating system as such. So to move data from a network drive to the MBW will require a two step action: Network drive to PC, then PC to MBW. There may be other software out there which will accomplish this between the two servers with a direct connection between the two.

My Book World White Light has an option to backup to an attached storage usb drive.  A Drive will be mounted named USB- 1 , you can drag and drop files from MBW to the USB Attached storage. 

Hi there, What you have to do is drag and drop the files within the Public folder or the folder itself to the USB Storage device while this second one is connected to the Netcenter USB port.