MyBook USB isn't working


My MyBook Essential drive will no longer work with any computer through the USB connection. I believe the HD is still functioning normally since it definitely spins up and makes no odd noises. Also, when I remove the USB adapter and plug it straight into the SATA port, the disk is recognized by Windows as Disk 0 and I’m asked to initialize it. Apparently, the USB card encrypted the data.

Can the USB card be replaced to allow access? Would this work?  

MyBook P/N: WDBACW0030HBK-00 4211D

Card Model:  4061-705089-001 Rev. AG (on front) 

                        4060-705089-001 Rev. P1 (on back)

HDD Model:  WD30EZRX - 00MMMB0


Have you tried using another USB cable?