MyBook Thunderbolt Duo slows MBA down and makes Fusion/Windows unusable


Have a 2012 MBA connected to an Apple 27" Thunderbolt display to which a 6TB Thunderbolt Duo is connected.

Starting Windows when running Fusion… well it takes so long as to be unusable.

I also notice over time my MBA’s general performance, especially display, slows when my Thunderbolt Duo is connected.

(For completeness I also have a WD USB drive and a LaCie Firewire Drive attached to the Thunderbolt display, and I believe I’m using latest software.)

These problems only occu when the Thunderbolt Duo is attached, and the above setup ran perfectly beforehand.

ANy suggestions, driver updates, or is it a known problem WD are working on.

Hi, download the WD Drive Utilities for Mac and run the diagnostics test. Check the link below.