MyBook Studio Edition II won' anything

I had a MyBook Pro (I think that what it was called) and it failed about a week ago.  It was under warranty so I got a replacement drive which was delivered today.  Since the Pro is no longer manufactured, they sent me a myBook Studio Edition II.  The new drive is not read by my Windows Vista computer.  It does not come up as unrecognized.  It just does not show up, period.  Not in My Computer, not in Disc Management.  It just does not show up.  The CD that was enclosed with the replacement drive was not helpful.  Is the replacement drive DOA?  Common sense tells me it is a refurbished drive but I don’t know if this is true.  Is there anything that can be done?

Someone please help.

I don’t know if this is a newer version that your CD  I believe it comes formatted for Mac and will need to be formatted NTFS to run on Windows.


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That’s just the problem.  There is nothing to reformat.  I unplugged all of the other drives.  Plugged the drive in question into the computer, made sure the power adapter is plugged in, the power light is on.  I restarted the computer.  The power light is still on.  And nothing shows up.  There is no drive under Disc Management.  There is nothing that says unrecognized.  I have read about reformatting it, but there is nothing to reformat.

Hi! You may first want to install a software that allows Windows to read a Mac-formatted hard drive, like MacDrive. Then, use that software to first erase the Mac partition and then Initialize it. Only then will Windows be able to ‘see’ the hard drive.

Of course, I only have experience with Windows XP : ) Our workstations are dinosaurs! :smiley:

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