MyBook Studio 6TB unrepairable, again


I’ve already sent my drive for RMA twice, and now the third reinstallment is failing. Can I get a refund or another product as replacement instead of another one of these horrible drives? I hate going through this again and again… I still have warranty til July 2016, so chances are I will have to send it for RMA another 2 times if they all last as short as this last one… I would really appreciate another solution than to keep sending broken drives every x months!



Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 21.59.25.png

Hello there,

On this case i recommend contacting support and explaining what you have gone through with the unit and see if they can further assist you on this matter:

I do have a question however, On which interface does this happen? Because perhaps on USB and on Firewire you can get different results.