MyBook stopped working

I know this may be a common issue, but I still can’t find a solid answer. My MyBook has stopped operating correctly. When I plug it in, the blue lights flash sequentially, the top one, then the bottom one. It takes a while for my computer to recognize the drive, then when it does I can not open it. Any program I use to try and recover data takes almost 30 min. to find the drive, but I still can’t really do anything after that.

If I open my computer, it freezes for a long time, maybe an hour. If it ever does come up, it says I need to reformat the drive. What can I do? I have tried 4 different computers, 3 different USB cords and different power outlets.

Since you have tryed every option I’m sorry to say this but it appears you would need to RMA this unit. If you are still nder warranty call WD TECH support or you can do the RMA on the web