MyBook Mirror changing raid


I have a Western Digital 2TB My Book Mirror Edition drive, which is in Raid 1 configuration under Windows 10.
The drive works fine in this configuration. I’m now trying to reconfigure the drive to Raid 0.
The WD Drive Utilities software was not initially installed my Windows 10 machine.

I’ve gone to the download site to download the WD Drive Utilities software. Since the Mybook Mirror edition was not listed explicitly, I downloaded the version for the general MyBook. However, when I run it, the drive is not recognised by the WD Drive Utilities software and so I can’t change the Raid status.

Looking in device manager, the drivers for the device seem to be the Windows Generic ones rather than WD specific. I’m not sure if that’s what’s causing it not to be recognised or not, but I can’t seem to find any WD drivers for it on the site to test that theory.

Any Thoughts?

It’s probably using the drivers from windows 10. There are a lot of problems with Windows 10. They should have had a more finished product instead of rushing it out. Now they are talking about sneaking into Windows 7 and 8 updates next year.

You can change the drives from RAID1 to RAID0 (or JBOD or spanning) via the dashboard - I’m not sure it’s possible to do via the drive utilities or not.

Just beware that if you do the drives will be formatted (erased) as part of the set-up procedure, so any data on them both will be deleted.

Thanks for the input.
There is no dashboard (at least I don’t think there is) as it’s the old USB MyBook Mirror rather than the NAS type one.
I’ll dig out an old laptop to see if I can install the drivers on that.

Ah sorry, misread MyBook Mirror as MyCloud Mirror (which does have it).

So ignore my above advice.