MyBook Live shares readonly on Windows 7

Hi, I have a new Win 7 box and cannot write to the MBLD shares, public or otherwise.

I can map the shares, but only ever have read-only access. When I look at the permissions I see 3 users:


root (Unix User \root)

share (Unix Group \share)

For each of these users the permissions are described as ‘Special permissions’

I have tried removing any auto connects using NET USE * /DELETE and then mapping as a user created on the MBLD. I have set the workgroup name of my Win box to match and have connected as a user I set up on the MBLD.

I am using the ‘connect as another user’ mechanism from Win and using MBLD<user> to define the user name, this allows me to create a mapped drive and copy files from but not to the MBLD.

Any ideas?

Try the link

Also the pen or pencil icon, make sure it is enabled.