MyBook Live not optimal with Mac OSX! help!


I’m not a techie so am struggling with setting up the MyBookLive. My set up is a bit odd maybe…

I have an iMac as my main PC and have connected the WD drive to this Mac using an ethernet switcher box (which also has a printer attached). My router is in another room owing to where the phone connection is and is connected to the iMac via a through the mains electricity using a Netcomm Powerline Adaptor (Which has a good data speed incidentally). 

So, I’m not doing what most people might do which is connect the WD to the router for wireless access.

I’m also using a MacBook and iPad on the network.

Two issues;

  1. When I fire up the iMac it generally says it has a problem mounting the WD drive and the drive icons rarely appear on the desktop. I usually have to mount the drives through the finder or by connect to server option. How can I get the drives to mount reliably?

  2. I dont find the WD works as a NAS drive effectively. My thinking is that even with the iMac off, the other devices should be able to connect to the network drive as the drive is wired into the ethernet network. However, I’ve found I cant use the drive as a NAS drive for music or video - the other devices dont connect reliably. Often the ipad cant see the drive at all.

THis is frustrating as its not much more use than having any old drive attached to the network - im not getting nay NAS functionality.

The easiest solution is probably to get a phone connection in my office where the iMac is and move the router, but this will cost money!! 

Any ideas anyone? Remember, needs to be simple instructions as I’m not a techie


“I’m not doing what most people might do which is connect the WD to the router for wireless access”.

Most people do that because that is the correct way. The few others that do not, are advanced techie users.

NAS devices are that, Network Access Storage. Which means it is a hard drive available thur the network. Now, your network is defined by the router. It makes no difference if it is wireless or wired where you going to access it from, you need to connect the MBL to the router.

That is a NAS in a nutshell. Since you are not a technie, will not go into the more tech details.