MyBook Live not discovered on network

I just purchased a WD  MyBook Live 2TB HD and a WD MyNet N900 router,but when I hook up the MyBook Live to the router and run the setup software it does not find the HD on the network. 

The activity light on the HD is flashing green showing active communication. If I connect the HD directly to my laptops enet porrt the HD is discovered.

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit as the O/S.

Push the reset button on the back panel  of My Book Live for 4 seconds while it is switched on and connected to the router. Also you can use WD Link software to detect IP address of My Book Live when connected to the router.

After spending about 90 minutes on the phone with WD support I was transferred to level 2 support for about another 90 minutes. The tech told me it appears there was an internal hardware problem with the mybook and advised me to return it for a replacement. 

I received an RA from the vendor and returned it to them today and hopefully will have a replacement next week.

I returned the MyBook Live to the vendor I had purchased it from and it was determined that the HD was working fine.

In the mean time I had also returned the WD MyNet N900 router and replaced it with a NetGear WNDR 3800 router. I plugged the MyBook Live into the NetGear router and it was recognized immediately on my network along with my older Iomega network drive. It seems the problem must have been in the router.