MyBook Live "klicking". Can't access it or the web page

I have a 1 TB MyBook Live purchased a few years ago. Out of the blue, it began “clicking” and I couldn’t access it. Not even the web page for the drive. As I understand it, either the control board or the drive itself has failed. 

From the beginning, the LED in front of the drive failed intermittently, and was fixed by some firmware update. When I plug it in, it turns green after a little while, then goes off, then turns green after a while longer. The green light lasts a few seconds.

it isn’t under warranty anymore (and I purchased it in the US, while living in Mexico, so any attempts to get warranty service would have been shot anyway). Has anyone had this experience? Anything I can do to recover the info on the drive? Can I open the drive and try to connect it to my computer directly (Macbook Pro) through a USB case or something like that?

I think I read somewhere it uses EXT4 filesystem.

I really need to get the drive working for a little while at least, so that I can recover some info on it (about 50 GB are really important to me, the rest isn’t)… any suggestions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, sorry to hear you can’t access your files, as a troubleshooting step, have you tried connecting the My Book directly to a wall socket? 

Yes, other power socket as well. I have tried changing network cables, and even the power adapter (to a generic 12V 1.5A adapter). Same results.

I do believe something is “dead”, hoping for the control card to be dead, since I can’t even reach the drive through it’s web interface, or ping it. If that is the case, I will gladly take out the drive and put it in a USB-case and try to recover it. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the case or the internal hard drive seem to be faulty, the internal format of the hard drive is EXT3, so you should be able to read it from a Linux PC or a third party program that allows you to read this format.