MyBook Live files missing. Partition problem, master boot record corrupted

Hello, I’m hoping someone can help with my problem.  I was using my MyBook Live fine, for almost a year when after copying a .mkv file to my computer, the partition got corrupted.  The next day when I went to connect to the drive, it wasn’t able to, so I did a reset and when it started up the share was empty.  The drive lists 1.2 out of 2TB full, so the data is still there.  When I use the WD software it lists 1.2 TB used, but of an unknown file type.  Neither let me get to the data.  The share is now propagated with “props-based, props, Shared Music, Shared Pictures, Shared Videos, text-base” folders.

After diving into some troubleshooting, a linux machine gave an error about the Master Boot Record being corrupted or missing.  The data seems to be there, but there is a problem with the MBR.

I’ve discovered a tutorial and utility for fixing WD NAS drives:

I am using the partition recovery software with no luck.  It asks for what format the drive is in and scans the files.  I’ve selected a Linux partition and found Linux OS files, but all the other files it found were unrecoverable.  When I connect this drive to my computer I get 5 mapped drives:

Disk1 480-something MBytes

Disk2 1,600 or 1700ish MBytes

Disk3 1800ish MBytes

Disk4 1.8TB RAID member

Disk5 1.8TB RAID member

Does anyone have any success revocering the MBR for these drives?  Anyone have any advice?

sometimes you can recover the mbr, but if the files are corrupted, then the files are corrupted and unrecoverable.

Why would you even bother posting “if the files are corrupted, the files are corrupted”?  I was asking how to recover the mbr.  If you want to reply, please post something useful or this posting will end up like 99.99% of these posts, unresolved and 1-2 posts that don’t contribute anything.