MyBook Live Energy Save mode

I have set MyBook Live to Energy Save mode on 10 minutes intervals.

I have also set up cron jobs to be executed every 30 minutes.

Unless the drive is pinched by one of the web server function calls, SMB connection or Twonkey DLNA; it is not running the cron jobs on scheduled times.

Is there any way to modify Energy saver script to wakeup on cron jobs or to be responsive to tasks while in sleep mode???


/usr/local/sbin/ stops cron when the MBL goes to sleep and starts cron when the MBL wakes.

Under the disclaimer of…  Here be dragons!  Wake any of them up within the My Book Live and you may end up getting burnt!!!

You first need to stop /usr/local/sbin/ as it’s a perpetually running script, comment out (don’t remove!), the lines that stop and start cron and then re-start /usr/local/sbin/  Maybe you could kill the process, edit the script and then reboot the MBL?

To find which process it is, use ps -AF and find the line that contains /bin/sh /usr/local/sbin/

At the present moment I do not know how to safely top and start /usr/local/sbin/  My own mission at the moment is to study how the MyBookLive’s stuff is put together and how one bit interacts with another BUT to change nothing as I’m guessing make enough changes and a WDC issued update to the MBL may nor work, cause additional problems or even brick the NAS altogether.

PS:  Keeping cron awake might stop the MBL from entering it’s standby energy saving mode.